Do you have Frykholm roots?

This is some information in English about the Frykholm Family Association. We are around two hundred members, all descendants of the first Nils Frykholm in Värmland, Sweden in the 17th century. The purpose of our association is to share knowledge of our common family roots and have a big family gathering every four years.

There are many people named Frykholm or with Frykholm in their family history that may be related to us. Some people from the Frykholm family emigrated to North America, but we do not know very much of their whereabouts.

The first Nils Frykholm was a churchman in Frykerud, just north of Karlstad in the Värmland county of western Sweden, near the border to Norway. See on a map where Frykerud is located.

According to earlier research he took the family name Frykholm, relating to the nearby lake Fryken, and the word ”holm” (islet). The meaning of the name is hence something like ”Islet in the Fryken Lake ”.

Do you have information to share? If you have any information to share about the Frykholm family history, feel free to send an email to Bjarne Frykholm.

Do you want to become a member? If you are a descendant of Nils Frykholm from Frykerud, you can become a member. Please apply by filling out this form or contact Birgitta Lagercrantz for inquiries. The fee is only 200 SEK for a four-year period.

Read the books translated to English: 
”Harald Frykholm – The Man and The Missionary” (Harald Frykholm – mannen och missionären) – autobiographical notes by Harald Frykholm (1879-1937) with additions by his wife. Published in 1937, translated in 2018.

”Bibles and Wells – 10 years in India”.  (Biblar och brunnar – 10 år i Indien) By Yngve Frykholm (1917-2008).